This Franco-German singer, guitarist and songwriter is one of the best-kept secrets on the European scene. An alumnus of Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson, the Staple Singers and Tom Waits, with a touch of John Cougar Mellencamp, Mathis offers a unique mix of blues, folk and gospel roots energized by his own vision of rock.

Mathis has burned up the music highway throughout Europe for the past two decades, electrifying audiences and getting rave reviews everywhere he played.

“I’ve been inspired by styles of music that all have in common incredible swing and energy, he says. Blues and rock’n’roll, of course, but also world music, Louis Prima’s wild rhythm & blues, and even Brazilian samba.”

The result is a musical maelstrom that’s both hard to describe, and easy to relate to.

A spectacular showman with a best-selling single in Spain by his initial outfit, Mathis and the Mathematics, he sings a repertoire of personal anthems with a message, inspired by his perception of the world.

“I write about environmental issues and the evolution of the Western civilization, migration in the global age, the mechanization of our societies, always asking myself the same question: What kind of planet are we going to leave to our children?”

In concert, constantly duetting with ace percussionist/drummer Stephan Notari, Mathis roams the stage like a human thunderbolt.

“I can’t explain where our energy and complicity come from. The groove, our voices, our way to express ourselves on stage is quite unique, making us sound like a full band.”

The fact that Mathis plays bass lines and melodies at the same time on his instrument—a fingerpicking technique he learned from the old blues masters—has a lot to do with the irresistible appeal of his music, whether he sings ballads with his acoustic guitar, or firepower songs with an electric six-string.

Wherever he performs, Mathis has made it his mission to turn clubs and festival stages upside down, leaving audiences on their feet, screaming for more. A favorite on the blues/folk/rock circuit throughout Europe, he’s ready to bring his huge sound to other parts of the world, and you can be sure he’ll be a hit on all continents.

© Mathis Haug